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Slick Brutus

Slick Brutus Charco Azul

Cahorra Bassa EP

Zambezi Moonshine, is a richly layered hybrid of Afro-Electronica and Deep Disco that morphs into an whirling fusion of analogue synths and choral elements. 
Silvers Shoals is a sun drenched slice of percussion infused Afro Funk, with beautifully rich orchestration and atmospheric vocals floating over a hypnotically rolling groove. 
Rolihlahla is a serving of growling Afro-house i. A tribute that is also a dancefloor killer.

Cartel/ Charco Azul

'Cartel' is a slice of high grade deep space disco. This dance floor kill is the best of both old nd new - a heft pounding of Nu Disco digital meets analogue vibes. Literally meaning the ‘Blue Pool’ in Spanish. A Balearic groove bedrock with a bassline from a different primordial time. Charco Azul builds rich sedimentary layers of soaring horns and lush strings. A truly original nugget of summer sun. 


Mi7 Records
Monteray Slipstream.jpg

Monterey Slipstream

Their latest release ‘Monterey Slipstream’, released on Stephane Deschezeaux’s Springbok label in May 2020, is a hypnotic slice of sunshine trenched electro-disco. A whirling funkstorm of Bootsy-esque bass, Moog arps, marimba licks, synths steel drums and heavily delayed poly stabs - all rolling effortless over a percussive disco infused groove. Bringing forth memories of the sunny, funky days of the late 70’s SoCal scene - jump on your board, feel the sun on your face and get drawn ever onwards by the Monterey Slipstream.

Slick Brutus Solar Seeker

Solar Seeker


‘Solar Seeker'  was our first release and is a Nu Disco groover pas excellence. It charted in the top 200 for 2015 in Traxsource's Nu Disco chart of that years top selling tracks. This features the Slick Brutus trademarks of  intricate percussion, deep house influence and disco orientated guitar riffs


Good For You Records
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